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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

First week in Omaha.

The road trip was fun.  Long, hot, and desolate but still fun.  We sidestepped the wildfires in Arizona, had some incredible Mexican food in New Mexico, ate the best burger in the world in Texas, drove through a sandstorm in Oklahoma, and enjoyed the small back roads of Kansas.  It only took three days of driving to make it from San Diego to Omaha - between 6-10 hours of driving each day.  We took a bunch of photos along the way - I'll post them later.

The Internet was on when we got here - that made me happy.

I'm already back to work and waiting for a truckload of new living room furniture this week.  The moving truck with the rest of our belongings arrives on Friday, so this weekend will be another one filled with moving and sweat.

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