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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

New camera!

Tomorrow morning I'll be the proud owner of a new Canon 20D and
Canon 24-70/2.8 L lens!  I bit the bullet and went for the best.  I decided on the
20D over the 350D yesterday, and today I struggled with lens choices.
It was between the 24-70 zoom and three primes from 20-85.

Even though I've always been a prime fanatic and have never owned a zoom lens, I went with the zoom because:

1. It's an L and I would expect it to be as good or better than
equivalent non-L primes

2. One lens instead of three - less to carry, fewer lens changes

3. It covers about 80% of the entire range that I normally photograph, so all I need to get in the future is a wide angle and a long telephoto.  I am mostly a street and portrait shooter so the 38-112mm effective focal length I'm getting is perfect for me.

I come from a Leica R8/M6 and Nikon F5 background so I'm used to
heavy, high quality, and expensive glass - that was not a negative to me.
I expect to keep the lens for many years (unless I move away from the Canon brand) and the body maybe 3 years.

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